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We are together For The Future Without Antibiotics

From the fact thatAntibiotic resistance – The pain of humanity, ANABIO R&D is constantly striving to find, research and develop the new products that apply Spore Probiotic Technology to protect and improve human health comprehensively, naturally and effectively.

  • Commits to use the modern technologies
  • Commits to use advanced research equipment
  • Ensure products are created with the best quality
  • Desire to take care of health for every person in a safe and sustainable way

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Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh,

Director ANABIO R&D

Spobio Center

Spobiotic Research Center (Spobio Center)

The Spobiotic Research Center is equipped with many modern machines and equipment for in-depth researches on spore probiotics using techniques of microbiology, biophysics, biochemistry, molecullar and cellular biology

About Us

Overall Introduction

Spobiotic Research Center (Spobio Center) was established on May 18th, 2022 under the fund of LiveSpo Global JSC and directly under ANABIO R&D Co. Ltd. Spobio Center comes out into society with the aim of building an in-depth research center on spore probiotics and will be the driving force for more scientists around the world to be interested in and develop spore probiotics as a possible solution for a future without antibiotics

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What we do

The Prominent Studies

We are aware that product is the foundation of business. We make efforts ceaselessly in research and development of products that apply spore probiotics technology to protect anf improve human health comprehensively


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