Story of Anabio



ANABIO R&D Co. Ltd., was formerly known as ANABIO Research & Development JSC, was established in 2010 by scientists with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of microbiololy, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology

ANABIO R&D Co. Ltd., operates under financial support from LiveSpo Global JSC with the same aimFOR THE FUTURE WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS

From the fact thatAntibiotic resistance – The pain of humanity, ANABIO R&D is constantly striving to find, research and develop the new products that apply Spore Probiotic Technology to protect and improve human health comprehensively, naturally and effectively.

In 2019, at the international conference on probiotics, prebiotics, gut microbiota and health held in Prague – the capital of Czech Republic. The products in liquid form, multi-strain and high concentration LiveSpo® COLON, LiveSpo® SOS from Vietnam have received special attention from scientists worldwide, due to their super durability and outstanding effects in comparison to traditional probiotic products. Especially, LiveSpo® SOS provides a rapid effect on acute diarrhea as well as antibiotics. Relying on that, spore probiotics show an opportunity to become a perfect choice for gradually reducing dependence on antibiotics.


To be able to gradually replace antibiotics, in addition to intestinal diseases, spore probiotics should be studied to expand their functions, noval applications, rapid and precise effect. In addition, there should also be opportunities to perform clinical trials not only for gastrointestinal diseases, but also for respiratory tract infections, otitis, dermatitis and gynecological diseases.

For the future without antibiotics, ANABIO R&D commits to use the modern technologies, advanced research equipment to ensure products are created with the best quality, desire to take care of health for every person in a safe and sustainable way.

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